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Video: MMA Fighter Disqualified After Refusing to Stop Stranglehold, Attacking Referee

MMA fighter Ahmad Al Darmaki was disqualified after refusing to stop strangling opponent Bogdan Kirilenko after the latter signaled his defeat and then later attacking a judge, Marc Goddard, who was attempting to resolve the situation. 

The video showed Al Darmaki confining Kirilenko in a chokehold and subsequently ignoring his opponent's signal to end the fight.

As Goddard intervened to defuse the situation, Al Darmaki physically engaged with him, trying to grab the former by the collar and strike him. The squabble with the referee did not evolve into an actual fight, as Goddard expelled Al Darmaki while the latter strutted around the ring, believing himself to be victorious, only to find out later that he had been disqualified. 

Having lost UAE Warriors 12, Al Darmaki marks the sixth loss of his career, but winning twice.

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