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New Departure From Barca? Luis Suarez May Switch From FC Barcelona to Juve, Media Says

As Lionel Messi moves to part ways with FC Barcelona, it turns out that another team member, Luis Suarez, seeks greener pastures as well, goal.com reports.

According to the media outlet, Suarez "has been offered" to Juventus after "seemingly being shown the door" at Barca, as the footballer apparently wasn't included in the "list of names that were seen as vital to the future of the club" compiled by FC Barcelona's new manager Ronald Koeman.

This development comes as Juventus is looking for a replacement for its outgoing striker Gonzalo Higuain, with Mundo Deportivo reporting that Suarez has already engaged in talks with Juve vice president Pavel Nedved.

The newspaper also notes that Juventus may also be considering Roma striker Edin Dzeko as a potential replacement for Higuain, as the Bosnian footballer's name emerged along with Suarez's in the "final stage" of a "broad search for center-forwards in Italy and the rest of Europe" launched by Juve's chief football officer, Fabio Paratici.

The situation, however, may be complicated by the fact that Suarez seems eager to consider all potential offers he might receive, The Sun notes, adding that Roma is reluctant to let Dzeko go until they find a replacement for him.

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