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Cristiano Ronaldo Tests Negative for Covid-19

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has tested negative for the coronavirus. According to a statement posted on Juventus' website, the Portuguese striker has recovered from COVID-19 after 19 days and is no longer subjected to self-isolation.

​The news comes two days after Ronaldo tested positive for the infectious disease. The athlete contracted the disease on 13 October. According to Juventus officials, he had no symptoms and has been feeling well.

Due to his diagnosis, Ronaldo missed four of Juventus’ games in Serie A and Champions League, including a game against his arch nemesis Lionel Messi, as well as Portugal’s game against Sweden in the UEFA Nations League.

However, the negative test doesn’t end his saga with the coronavirus, as according to Italy’s Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora, he is under investigation for breaching Italy’s safety protocols on COVID-19.

Ronaldo tested positive for the coronavirus while training with Portugal’s national team. He then flew to Italy on board a private air ambulance that he paid for. Portuguese health officials and Juventus insist that his journey was permitted, but Spadafora insists that the athlete violated Italy’s safety rules on the coronavirus and should be subjected to investigation.

"Cristiano did not respect the protocol. There is an investigation by the Federal Prosecutor's Office to prove it. The virus has taught us that no one is exempt, obviously they are all people who have tried to respect the protocols as much as possible, but the only solution, in the end, is to stay at home", the sports minister told local newspaper Rai Tre.

He did not elaborate when the investigation would be concluded or what punishment the football superstar may face.

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