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Football Association to Probe Preston's Fisher Grabbing Sheffield's Paterson Genitals During Game

The English Football Association will investigate an incident documented on video of a Preston North End football club player, Darnell Fisher, grabbing the genitals of a Sheffield Wednesday player, Callum Paterson, during a Saturday football game. 

Fisher appeared to grab the genitals of Paterson while marking him at a corner during the match. Paterson seemingly tries to catch someone's attention to that illegal incident, but Fisher grabbed his crotch again.

Social media users poked fun at the video, while trying to understand Fisher's actions.

​One of the users remembered an identical incident with actor Vinnie Jones, then a footballer, grabbing the testicles of his counterpart, Paul Gascoigne, during a Newcastle-Wimbledon match in 1988.

Sheffield's team manager Tony Pulis, stated that he did not see Fisher grab Paterson.

"He'll be up in flames if he's done that", he nevertheless added.

The Sportsmail reported that the football association had confirmed that it was aware of the incident, indicating that retrospective action could be taken as officials did not witness the purported incident with their own eyes, as referee David Webb, at the time, was standing far from both players.

Paterson has not pushed for his employers to take up the probe, leaving it to football authorities to decide whether appropriate punishment is required.

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