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'Greatest of All Time': Top Politicians, Football Players Mourn Diego Maradona's Death

People all over the world are paying their respects to the Argentine legend, who has been recognised as a footballing magician for decades.

He has won virtually everything, including the hearts of several generations of sports enthusiasts. Fans who witnessed his performance could indeed consider themselves lucky.   

President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez was one of the first to pay homage to Maradona. 

"Diego made us happy. He was the greatest of all time", Fernandez said.

Leo Messi payed tribute to Maradona and sent condolences to his family.

"Diego is not going anywhere, because he is eternal", Messi paid tribute to Maradona on Instagram.

The Vatican said that Pope Francis "thinks back fondly to the times they met in these years and remembers him in prayer."

Former professional football player Gary Lineker, who now works as a BBC host, also took to Twitter, calling Maradona the best player of his generation. 

Three-time World Cup winner Pelé said that one day he and Diego Maradona would “kick a ball together in the sky above”.

Even those netizens who have never followed football, recognized the greatness of the Argentine. 

​Maradona was more than just a player to Napoli fans. Joining the club in 1984, he later helped Napoli win their first-ever Serie A Italian championship in the 1986–87 season. 

"Now it is the time for tears. We have no words to describe our pain", Napoli announced on Twitter. 

​Before joining Napoli, Maradona played for Barcelona for two years. The Spanish club also expressed its condolences over the death of “an icon of world football”. 

​A true magician never reveals his secrets.

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