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'He is Ignorant': Ronaldo Slammed as 'Disrespectful' of Italy by Football Commentator

Famous Portuguese football ace Cristiano Ronaldo has recently found himself at the receiving end of a verbal bashing courtesy of Italian football commentator and ex-footballer Pasquale Bruno,

According to media website calciomercato.com, Bruno, who previously played for Juventus, the very club Ronaldo now represents, branded CR7 as “ignorant”.

"He has been in Italy for two years and has not yet learnt to speak our language", the commentator said on Tiki Taka TV show, alleging that Ronaldo uses Spanish to “express himself”. “He has no respect for his teammates, nor for the Italians".

Bruno's remarks come after Ronaldo missed four of Juventus’ games in Serie A and Champions League because of contracting COVID-19.

Even as the footballer had already tested negative for the coronavirus, having apparently overcome the malady, he is now under investigation for breaching Italy’s safety protocols on COVID-19.

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