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Snoop Dogg Joins Commentary as YouTuber Jake Paul Knocks Out NBA's Nate Robinson in Brutal Fight

23-year-old YouTuber Jake Paul scored the second win of his professional boxing career on Saturday night by brutally knocking out former NBA player Nate Robinson in the second round.

Paul proved some nice training during the show with a trio of knockdowns against Robinson, 36, who had never boxed professionally. However, it was Paul’s final touch that left the former basketball player laying on the ground for seven minutes straight.

The win, spectacular as it is, has also been highlighted by some celebrity commenting from rap-legend Snoop Dogg, who just could not hold himself together seeing Robinson being flattened so quickly.

At one point, the ‘Sexual Eruption’ singer got so emotional that he had started singing a traditional hymn while asking to “call the ambulance” for the knocked out basketball player.

It is still not clear what left the viewers more impressed – Paul’s straightforward techniques or Snoop Dogg’s take on the fight. In any case, netizens were left in stitches.

For Jake Paul, it was the second victory in his professional boxing career. Back in January, he won against another fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib also with a technical knockout. This comes as his celebrity brother Logan Paul is tempting to fight against undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, pledging to defeat the champ “with one punch”.

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