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Ronaldo is More Accessible Than Messi, Juventus Midfielder Melo Says

Brazilian midfielder Arthur Melo, who made his debut for Juventus this season, has compared the leadership skills of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, saying that the latter is more accessible and never backs down if his team-mate needs help, the Spanish sports newspaper AS cited Melo as saying.   

“He trains like an animal, he doesn't know what a break is, and he always encourages you to do your best. He leaves nothing to chance,” the Brazilian player went on to say in admiration of the Juventus forward.

Comparing Messi to Ronaldo, Melo also stressed a lot of similarities that have helped both athletes become “champions above all else”.

“In this, Messi and Ronaldo are identical. Concentrated from start to finish, always. If they score three goals, they immediately think of the fourth. They never disconnect. It's impressive and at the same time motivating, because they push you to do your best”, he told AS.

On Tuesday, Juventus defeated Barcelona 3-0 in the UEFA Champions League Group G match. This was the first time Messi and Ronaldo have faced each other since 2018 when the Portuguese left Real Madrid. The rivalry between the athletes has drawn the attention of football fans for years, making any match between Barcelona and Real Madrid the most anticipated sporting event in the world. 

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