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Media Claim Maradona's Doctor Tried Forging His Signature to Access Football Star's Medical Records

A doctor who treated the late legendary footballer Diego Maradona tried to access the athlete's medical records by forging his signature, Argentinian news media have suggested. The media claim several documents were found at the house of the doctor, Leopoldo Luque.

One of these documents reportedly contained an official request from Maradona to a clinic to provide Luque with access to the medical records and was signed with an autograph similar to that of the legendary athlete. However, another document with similar content featured several signatures as if someone was training to forge one. The third document, presumably found at the doctor's residence, was a photocopy of another paper featuring what looks like Maradona's authentic autograph.

© Sputnik / Grigory Sysoev
Argentina's head coach Diego Maradona before the 2010 FIFA World Cup group stage match between the national teams of Argentina and Nigeria.

Luque, who successfully performed brain surgery on the football star not long before he died to remove a blood clot, dismissed the media's allegations. The doctor claimed to have a special relationship with Maradona, whom he called an impossible patient who reluctantly worked with doctors. 

The legendary athlete died at the age of 60 on 25 November 2020 after suffering a heart attack at his home. The footballer was buried in Bella Vista, Buenos Aires, after a long ceremony during which fans could pay their last tribute to the legendary sports star. Argentina declared a three-day-long period of national mourning following the news of his death.

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