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Like Schoolboys: Netizens in Awe After Video Emerges Showing Lionel Messi Outclassing His Teammates

Lionel Messi has left social media users agape in awe after a video emerged online showing a Barcelona training session. The footage shows the Argentine's out-of-this-world dribbling skills as he gets past his teammates without even breaking a sweat, as if he was playing with schoolboys and not athletes who have won La Liga and UEFA’s Champions League.

​Social media users praised the athlete for how effortlessly he outclassed the defence.

​Some even joked that the Argentine should show mercy and that his dribbling skills were tantamount to abuse.

​Many wondered what would happen if Messi were to leave Camp Nou and one day play against his own team.

​However, there were those who criticised the athlete and claimed that Messi is only able to steal the show during training sessions.

​The numbers, however, paint a different picture. Messi currently shares first place with Atletico Madrid’s Luis Suarez in the ranking of La Liga’s top scorers. The Argentine has scored 16 goals in the domestic league, while the overall number of goals scored for Barcelona this season stands at 21.

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