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Jose Mourinho Threw a Party Featuring Snoop Dogg for Chelsea Players, Ex-Footballer Says

Wayne Bridge, a retired English footballer and former Chelsea FC player, has offered a glimpse of how Jose Mourinho treated the team while he was their manager, The Sun reports.

According to the newspaper, Bridge argued that while he does think Mourinho treats some players "a bit harsh" sometimes, he said that the coach "was good for the lads".

"There were times we've had pre-seasons in America, and he's thrown a party," the ex-footballer recalled. "And when I say 'thrown a party', I mean Snoop Dogg's there; everyone's there".

During his appearance on the Rig Biz podcast, Bridge also described Mourinho as a "great coach", adding, however, that "where he's had a bit of a tough time at United and Tottenham, sometimes he looks like a spoilt is throwing his teddies out of the pram".

"I don't think he deals with it that well sometimes. But it's funny to watch, I love seeing that," he remarked.

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