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'Must Be Super League Related': Fans Share Theories About Why Tottenham Sacked Jose Mourinho

As news about Jose Mourinho's sack made it to Twitter, fans immediately took to the comments section, sharing how they feel about Spurs' move.

Many referred to him as the all-time hero that "football deserves", with one acknowledging though that "not the one football needs right now".

"A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight",  the user summed up.

"No way they sack him just due to results with their first cup final for years only a few days away", another lamented, while others, visibly enraged, en masse posted supportive messages:

"He was sacked because they're 7th in the league", another assumed.

One netizen attempted to recall the sequence of events on Monday morning, saying:

Some invoked rumours that the reason might be Mourinho previously standing up against the European Super League.

Yet, some were not surprised.

"Honestly he abused Spurs fans destroying all Pochettino built during years! With Poch, Spurs were a big team trying to win something. With Mou they were a medium team of PL with a BIG player! It’s a victory for football!", one suggested, coming under a barrage of criticism, though.

The Portuguese manager has been sacked by Spurs after just 11 months in charge of the Premier League club, days ahead of the League Cup final.  Ryan Mason has been put in temporary charge.

This season, Mourinho suffered 10 league defeats in a single campaign for the first time in his managerial career. No Premier League squad has lost more points this season than Spurs, who have dipped 20. Mourinho's last game as head of the English FC  was a 2-2 league draw at Everton on Friday.

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