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"Big Six Treating Premier League Like a Puppy": Fans Speak Out as Ex-ESL Clubs Repent

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur have agreed to donate £22million to various grassroots football programmes. 

The six Premier League clubs have also committed to paying a £25m fine if they try to break away and form another league in the future. Any club found guilt will also be hit with a 30-point deduction penalty in their respective leagues.

​Each team has apologies to fans, fellow clubs, the Premier League, and Football Association (FA). 

“The Premier League and The FA have worked closely together throughout this process and this agreement brings both investigations into the matter to a conclusion,” a statement said on Wednesday.

Fans on social media have suggested that the punitive measures by the FA are “laughable” and that “huge changes” are needed in the Premier League.

​The six clubs announced the establishment of the European Super League ( ESL) on 18 April.

The decision was heavily condemned by fans, who actively protested the move to breakaway, and government officials, who also publicly opposed the idea. The backlash led to all six clubs pulling out of the initiative.

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