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Gareth Bale Storms Out of Interview When Asked About His Future in Welsh National Team - Video

Gareth Bale stormed out of an interview when he was asked whether he was planning to continue playing for the national team. Reports say that Wales' biggest star may retire from international duty or hang up his boots altogether. When the correspondent asked if Saturday’s game against Denmark was his last, Bale walked away.

​Manager Rob Page backed the midfielder, saying that the reporter had chosen the worst time to question the 31-year-old about his plans.

"Like any other player in the changing room he is disappointed but it is about the group and moving forward now", Page said.

Hurt but Proud

The Dragons lost 4-0 to Denmark in the last 16 game of Euro 2020. Welsh players, including Bale, were upset about the crucial second goal, when it seemed that the Danish players fouled, but the referee didn’t stop the game. Bale admitted that the second goal "killed" the team’s momentum.

Despite the huge loss, the midfielder said he was still proud of his side, which was overall the third youngest in the tournament.

"One thing we can’t fault is the effort the boys showed, that is the minimum requirement for this group and I’m proud of them all still", Bale said.

The athlete’s view was echoed by local media, which praised the team’s performance. This is the third time that the Welsh team has qualified for a major football tournament in the past six years. Sports pundits say Euro 2020 was the squad’s opportunity to prepare for the World Cup in Qatar. The qualifying campaign will start this autumn.

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