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Paul Pogba Follows in Ronaldo’s Footsteps, Removes Heineken Beer Bottle at Euro 2020 Presser

During a press conference in Munich, Paul Pogba sat to answer media questions following the Sunday Euro 2020 match, in which France defeated Germany 1:0.

He removed a bottle of Heineken beer that had been placed in front of him, a day after Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo moved aside Coca-Cola in favour of a water bottle.

​Social media has since exploded with commentary. Commenters were quick to remind everyone that Paul Pogba is religious and therefore his actions are well-expected.

​Heineken and Coca-Cola are the official sponsors of Euro 2020, which is why the drinks are served at the tournament events.

“Surely this removing of bottles actually gives the brands more advertisement? If Ronaldo or Pogba hadn’t moved the bottles, hardly anyone would have noticed them,”

said a Twitter user in response to the Pogba video. 

At the time of publication, no commentary has been provided by Coca-Cola or ​Heineken. 

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