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Russian National Ice Hockey Team Secures World Championship Playoffs

The Russian national ice hockey team on Monday secured a place in the quarterfinals of the World Championship at Riga, defeating the Swedes in a shootout, with the Swedish team failing to qualify for the playoffs for the first time in history.

The meeting of Group A ended with the victory of the Russians with a score of 3-2. Sweden's Jesper Froeden and Viktor Olofsson scored for their team, and Anton Slepyshev and Alexander Barabanov scored for the Russian team.

Earlier, the Russian team drew main time 2-2 (0-1, 0-0, 2-1),

with the game continuing in overtime.

Before the game, the Russian national team had 12 points, and the Swedes had 9. To secure a place in the tournament playoffs, the Russians needed to score at least one point.

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