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UEFA's Ban on Rainbow-Lighted Stadium in Munich Sends Wrong Signal, Maas Says

On 21 June, the mayor of Munich asked UEFA for permission to illuminate Allianz Arena in rainbow colors ahead of the Germany-Hungary match in order to send a message to Hungary, which has recently adopted a law banning LGBTQ content in schools considered as promoting homosexuality. The law has been heavily criticised by the EU for human rights abuse and discrimination. UEFA did not allow rainbow illumination, regarding it as a political action. 

However, Munich intends to express its support for LGBTQ community by lighting some objects near the stadium.

"It's true, that football is not about politics. It's about people, fairness, tolerance, therefore UEFA is sending the wrong signal. But nevertheless, colors will be seen today fortunately, in the stadium and beyond," Heiko Maas said on Twitter, adding #loveislove and #MuenchenMachEsTrotzdem (#MunichDoItAnyway) hashtags.

​Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has reportedly canceled his visit to Munich for the match, but no official details have been released so far.

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