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'What the Hell?' Fans Stunned After Seeing Tiny Car Deliver Ball to Euro 2020 Opening Game

Euro 2020 is finally here and the tournament has already become the subject of heated debates. During the first game between Italy and Turkey, which ended with the Squadra Azzurra thrashing their rivals 3-0, the official ball of the tournament was brought, or rather delivered to the pitch by…a tiny remote-controlled Volkswagen car.

​The news caused a torrent of comments on social media and judging by them football fans have mixed feelings about the sport's latest innovation.

​Many netizens wondered what the driver of the tiny car would have looked liked if it had been a real vehicle.

​Others were worried that it may injure athletes and pondered what the tournament's organisers had up their sleeves for the next matches.

Many users just couldn't cope with the shock.

Yet others pointed out that this is not the first time that game balls have been bought to the pitch in an extravagant way.

Incidentally, this wasn't the only unusual thing at the first game of Euro 2020 (not to mention that the tournament is being held in the summer of 2021). The first goal of the tournament was an own goal accidentally scored by Turkish defender Merih Demiral.

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