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Piers Morgan Says Ronaldo 'Banned' Mother From Going to Key Games: 'I Don't Want to Lose My Mum!'

Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo after the game

Cristiano Ronaldo left Italy’s Juventus in August to return to Manchester United, which he used to play for back in the 2000s. The Portugal national team’s captain will make his second debut with the club on 11 September in a highly-anticipated game against Newcastle.

As Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived back in the UK to rejoin Manchester United, Britain’s most vocal host Piers Morgan has shared intimate details into their unexpected friendship: “He believes he's the best to ever play the game. And I agree with him.”

Recalling their heart-to-heart talk in an Italian restaurant while Ronaldo was still playing for Juventus, Morgan reveals in his Daily Mail column that he had then asked the Portuguese star who “the greatest footballer” he has ever played against was.

Ronaldo told him it was Lionel Messi, his long-time Ballon D’Or rival.

“For sure. He is the best I've played against,” Ronaldo said. But then added: “But Piers, you are asking me the wrong question. You should just ask me who is the greatest player…”

Ronaldo, who just broke a scoring record in Portugal’s World Cup qualifying clash against Ireland, never had doubts he was the best.

“If you don't think you are the best,” Ronaldo explained to Morgan over their dinner in Turin, “if you don't believe you are No 1 in your job, then you're not thinking properly”.

The player also shared with Morgan some pitfalls of being famous at that time, including the inability to just go to a park with his four kids and have some fun: “You have a girlfriend, you have kids, you want some privacy and there's no privacy any more. My privacy has gone.”

Morgan, who says he has occasionally chatted with Ronaldo on the phone and via WhatsApp since they met in late 2019, defines his friend as “hilariously funny and candid”. But the British host jokes that their friendship doesn’t mean that Ronaldo is not going to score against Morgan’s favourite Arsenal, despite the journalist specifically asking him not to.

Speaking about his family, Ronaldo previously told Morgan that he had banned his mother Dolores from attending his most important matches as she had twice fainted in stadiums during the games because she was so nervous watching her son play.

“She's not allowed now to watch big games,” Ronaldo said. “I say, 'Listen, I don't have a father any more. I don't want to lose my mum, too, so you're not going to watch quarter finals, semi-finals, or finals'.”

Morgan also recalled how the player was left crying during their 2019 meeting in Turin, as the journalist showed Ronaldo a clip of his father Dinis’ 2004 interview to Norwegian TV, which the forward had never seen before. Ronaldo’s dad, who died from health issues caused by alcoholism, said in the interview that he was “proud” of his son.

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