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Outcry against the 'new football' and its heartbreaking rule

After Kylian Mbappe's controversial goal to win the Nations League for France against Spain, there has been widespread outcry against the decision not to disallow the strike and the rules which supposedly justify it.

The Spanish players were left in disbelief and fans have been trying to get their heads round the ruling ever since. Some argue that the decision was in line with the rules, while others disagree, but everyone is united in feeling that such an example should clearly be given as offside and if the rules need changing then so be it.

The general confusion cannot be a good sign and it is clear that something must be done to prevent future situations like this one. Clarity and perhaps a dose of common sense are required.

As Eric Garcia said, "a defender can never get out of the way", as some, including the referee, believe Mbappe was not offside because the Barcelona centre-back made contact with the ball when trying to block its passage to the offside Mbappe.

The only certainty is that no one is quite sure whether it was the correct call, but if it was, then maybe it is not the correct rule.

A stupid rule

Former French referee Bruno Derrien believes it wasn't a mistake on the referee's part, but it is a rule which needs looking at.

"We can say that this goes against the spirit of the game," Derrien told RMC.

"This is a stupid rule. It's not a refereeing error, its a heartbreaking rule and perhaps should be changed."

Other commentators from around the world chimed in and the consensus, in as much as there is any, is that such a goal should not be allowed. Such is the sense of injustice, even among neutrals, that perhaps the wisest thing to do would be to make the rules clearer and simpler, just in case.

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