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Wanda Nara won't forgive Icardi after attempt to get back together: I prefer my hand without a ring

After the news circulated that Icardi had cheated on his wife, many thought that the two were back together, but that no longer seems the case.

On Sunday, October 17, Icardi took to Instagram to wish Nara a happy Mother's Day.

Since then, she has put a message on her Instagram story regarding her wedding ring.

Wanda Nara responds with an image

On Monday, October 18, Nara put a photo on her story of her hand without her wedding ring.

"Good morning, I prefer my hand without a ring," leading to more speculation about the couple's future.

An endless act

This is only the most recent instalment of their soap opera story, as Nara put another message on her social media over the weekend.

"Another family that you've swapped for a b*tch," the explicit message read.

Nara then followed this by unfollowing Mauro Icardi and China Suarez, who people believe to be the woman that Icardi cheated on her with.

Icardi: two days off training

The PSG player has now missed consecutive days of training for his club.

Coach Mauricio Pochettino has confirmed that it is for family reasons and that he will be a part of the squad for the team's Champions League fixture against Leipzig.

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