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Ancelotti explains Isco's warm-up controversy: He said he was ready

There was a potential controversy at Real Madrid, with reports that Isco failed to keep warming up when asked during Real Madrid's 4-1 win at Granada on Sunday.

However, Carlo Ancelotti has played this down, explaining that the midfielder was already warmed up and stating that there is no disrespect from the coach to the player or vice versa.

"I didn't have to speak with Isco about this," Ancelotti said in the press conference held ahead of Wednesday's Champions League match against Sheriff Tiraspol.

"It's also not a problem when the assistant asks a player to warm up some more, but then the player says he is already warmed up. That's what happened and Isco went on in the match.

"So, there's no controversy.

"He is is professional. He might be upset at not playing much and I'm sorry about that, but I have never disrespected him and he has never disrespected me. I will not disrespect him and he will not disrespect me.

"We have a relationship that goes beyond the professional level, since we have spent so much time together."

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