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How Tom Brady inspired a Utah boy to beat brain cancer


Noah Reeb began suffering from daily headaches in November 2020. "The pains were so intense that he would vomit from the pain," said his father James Reed, who has accompanied his sleepless nights and recoveries at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.

A Tom Brady fan, the 10-year-old asked his parents to cut his hair with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback's number (12). His wish came after his mother Jacque received the news that he had brain cancer.

It was early February. Noah underwent two surgeries within a week and a half of each other, including a complete craniotomy. He then had several weeks of chemotherapy and radiation through July.

The battle lasted nearly seven months, with one source of inspiration - Brady.

Noah's dream was to meet the six-time NFL Super Bowl champion. His parents say he grew up imagining his life as a quarterback, copying Brady's plays for the Patriots and Buccaneers. And that he would even ask about him in the hospital.

"Will I make it in time for practice? Will I be done in time for my game?" said Noah during each treatment, eager to get back to practice with his former team.

"Noah was going to get away from the treatments, the injections, the pain, and the anxiety," his father James explained. "The thought of seeing Tom Brady live moved him. It was what motivated him when he was depressed or suffering in the hospital."

The 10-year-old's story reached Tom Brady thanks to the efforts of his parents. In March, his mom Noah surprised him with a video that gave him the strength to win his battle with cancer. It was Tom Brady, his hero.

"I want you to know that I'm thinking about you. I'm with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hang tough. You are going to be great, I know it. Get well soon and take care of yourself," the Buccaneers quarterback said.

Noah watched Brady's video hundreds of times. "Every time he felt down, he would watch it again to motivate himself," James recalled.

A life opportunity

In August, doctors received the final positive sign of his treatment - Noah rang the medical bell and beat the battle with cancer. It was like celebrating a Super Bowl. His parents had promised him to attend a Buccaneers game, and they delivered.

On October 24, Noah walked into Raymond James Stadium with a sign that read, "Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer."

The dream seemed fulfilled, but something else was missing: a salute from the Tampa Bay quarterback, who came into the stands and presented him with a cap at the end of the game.

"It was an amazing, amazing thing. Brady is my hero. To see the person you look up to the most walking up to you is everything," said Noah, convinced that the cancer is gone and his dreams are still standing.

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