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LeBron James vs Stewart viral video: Pistons staff and a cop's futile action to stop fight

The pitched battle in the game between the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers left an aftermath for both teams. After LeBron James elbowed Isaiah Steward, several former players and coaches have expressed their opinion on the new case of violence in the NBA.

James was ejected for drawing blood from Stewart's face, sending the superstar to the locker room early in the third quarter and leaving his teammates to pick up the slack.

Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook did that in a big way.

The fight left a viral video recorded by a fan from the stands that showed the desperate runs of the center to chase the Los Angeles Lakers star: the useless action of a policeman, the spectacular help of the home team staff, Cunningham grabbing his teammate from all sides.

LeBron will not be the only one sanctioned

This is the second ejection in the LeBron James career, who until today was not known for being a violent player. That could damage hislegacy.

Stewart, who almost missed the game due to ankle problems, will receive a suspension like LeBron. His reaction will cost him several games, as the NBA usually punishes harshly both the action of the hit and the reaction of seeking revenge immediately.

The Pistons player has already received criticism for his attempted assault on LeBron after the action. According to the footage, Stewart even ran over his coach for one last attempt to reach his assailant.

LeBron has been troubled by injuries for a couple of seasons now. His body is starting to show signs of wear and tear. What he needed was to miss several games due to an ejection on the dirtiest play of his career.

The most viewed video of LeBron vs Stewart.

The most viewed video of LeBron vs Stewart.

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