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Masvidal has no time for Conor McGregor: He's a bitter old man

Conor McGregor is one UFC fighter that is never far from controversy and Jorge Masvidal has branded the Irishman as a bitter, broken old man.

McGregor is a tour de force on social media, as he calls out fighters almost daily, with Masvidal pointing the finger at drugs for the Notorious' behaviour.

"I think he is a bitter old man just screaming at the TV all day," Masvidal said. "It sucks for him that he's broken.

"He's gotten broken so many times that he can't put himself back together as far as fighting goes. Like, go have a regular life, bro. This dude's gonna end up snorting himself to death.

"So I'm not worried about him. I'm just trying to get big paychecks and fight. You go to rehab, motherf*cker, and treat older people the right way. When they sign us to fight, I'll teach you some respect.

"I couldn't really care less for him. He's a 145-er - I'm a 170-pounder. Full-grown man size. Have him deal with fun-size. I've always addressed this when it comes up - we're not even going to entertain this f*cking cockroach.

"He's mad because what's-his-face is signed to whatever the f*ck his company's called, and they were going to collect the biggest paycheck they were ever going to collect off my ass fighting and beating Leon's ass.

"It's not going to happen anymore, so you can see the bitterness get exposed, but he just picked the wrong dude.

"He can still get that paycheck, but mini-ass midget doesn't want to tell his guy, 'Yo, wait up, just fight him later and we'll still get that paycheck', it might even be bigger because there's more publicity behind it. But he's a corny midget f*ck. So what do you say?"

Masvidal's manager, Malki Kawa, came out and told The MMA Hour podcast that Conor's call outs are simply all for social media.

"Every time he's ever tweeted, or anybody's ever tweeted that name at us or Jorge, I do the following: I call [UFC executive] Hunter [Campbell], I say, 'Hey Hunter, what's good? You saw Conor?'" said Kawa.

"[Hunter says], 'Yeah, he doesn't want that fight.' OK, boom. Every single time. It never fails.

"And look, I don't know if that's real, or not real, but I know that they said they've tried to make that fight a couple times - Conor will not take it.

"And you've heard [UFC President] Dana [White], Jorge's too big for him, and that's the end of that story. So, listen, if they wanted to make that fight, our end accepts no matter what. We're all in."

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