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Andre Iguodala's advice on how to stop LeBron James

The only reason players like Andre Iguodala are feeling confident while guarding LeBron James is the Lakers star's age. When he was younger, there is no chance Iguodala would've stopped him in his prime. Even now, getting the best out of the King is practicaly impossible. Andre Iguodala is a veteran like James and he's had enough time to get more familiar with his game. When Andrew Wiggins approached him to ask for advice on how to stop LeBron, Andre's response was short and sweet: "You can't," said Iguodala on Dreymond Green's Youtube show.

We've previously covered Green's program when he was also talking about LeBron, giving Isaiah Stewart pointers after his altercation with James. But Iguodala was talking about the more technical experience of facing LeBron James. Here's whathe said about the advice requested from Wiggins: "I gave him some pointers. Like, it's really not about stopping him because you can't. It's about beating him to the spot when he gets there. That starts when [Stephen Curry] shoots. So as soon as Steph shot the ball, I would be looking for LeBron like, 'All right. Where is he at? At what point attack will he be taking the ball out of bounds?' That's the first thing that went on my mind."

Regardless, LeBron's retirement is getting closer.

A staggering stat that tells us the end is near is LeBron's recent missed games since he started his career. During his first 15 straight seasons, James missed a total of 71 games. This is the same number of games missed during his last four seasons out of the 19 he's played so far. Even if we still regard him as one of the best players in the world, watching him become less active is inevitable. Age withers everybody away eventually, even 'King' James himself.

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