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Kroos' sarcastic comment about the Champions League draw

Monday's messy Champions Leaguedraw sparked controversy and discussion across the continent and beyond, with fans and even players having their say.

Toni Kroos was one of them and he jokingly wondered if his analysis of Real Madrid's pairing with Paris Saint-Germain would remain valid, or if there'd be yet another redraw.

"Just a quick comment about the draw today," Kroos said in an Instagram message for fans.

"I hope there's no more surprises left, so I hope I am on time with this comment.

"Yeah, it's very interesting. It's a very interesting opponent for the next round, I think the toughest we could have faced from the five possible opponents.

"But, that's the games we're playing for. We're really looking forward to these games with a lot of quality on the pitch.

"Let's see what happens, but we are Real Madrid and we always look forward to these kinds of games with a lot of confidence to reach the quarters.

"I think the most important thing now is to forget [the redraw] because we're doing extremely well in our daily business at the moment in the league.

"There are lots of games before the Champions League games, so most important is to keep going in the next two games before Christmas to keep getting points to get closer to our goal of winning the title.

"So, we'll focus on this and then the Champions League comes after."

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