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LeBron James criticised for sharing COVID-19 meme on social media

The spread of the omicron variant of COVID-19 has seen cases spike across the world, while it has also seen frustrations grow as the pandemic continues. The recent surge in positive cases has sparked fresh debate and LeBron James has joined in on social media.

The NBA star shared a spiderman meme that suggested COVID-19 is the same as the flu or a cold. While there was no other context given by the LA Laker, this drew a lot of criticism.

One user pointed out that there have been 815,647 deaths from COVID-19 in the USA over the past two years, compared to 37,314 from the flu and none from a cold.

There were several other critical voices who responded to James' post, with many echoing that same sentiment.

It is also believed that James' meme didn't go down well with many of his colleagues across the NBA.

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