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Donovan Mitchell's possible departure sets off alarm bells for Utah Jazz

Losses have shattered the stability of the Utah Jazz. The team is solidly in third place in the Western Conference with a 28-12 record and is in no danger of losing the playoff race. But a small internal storm has broken out.

After losing to the Toronto Raptors and the Indiana Pacers, the alarm bells went off in the Jazz. Mainly because of rumors that point to the departure of their star Donovan Mitchell.

According to reports, Mitchell - selected by the Jazz as the No. 13 overall pick in the 2017 Draft - could leave the team via trade or as a free agent.

Donovan Mitchell's possible destinations

The shooting guard is attracted to more global and powerful markets in the league. And that is one of the costs that teams like the Jazz must pay: in addition to the sporting competition, cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or San Francisco are often in the players' preferences.

Mitchell has yet to make a statement, but his possible departure from the Jazz is nothing new. Last year, there was speculation of such a possibility when personal problems between the point guard and the team's other star, Rudy Gobert, came to light. Although both players and the team denied a conflict, the situation was not fully clarified.

Among the possible destinations for Mitchell, there is one team that could dynamite the NBA. It is the Brooklyn Nets, one of the favorites for the title. The Knicks would be another alternative fulfilling the player's 'wishes' to end up in one of the biggest markets in the NBA: New York.

The player still has three years and 11 months left on his contract. His salary this season is more than 28 million, which will rise to 30 (22-23), 32 (23-24) and 34 (24-25) gradually. Therefore, if Donovan Mitchell wants to leave Utah soon, he must do so via trade.

For now, it's a rumor that has Jazz fans very concerned. The team's trajectory in the Playoffs will mean that, at the end of the season, we will be talking again or not about Mitchell and his possible departure from the team.

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