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Is Tom Brady the greatest athlete in Sports history?


Now that a retirement is no longer out of the question for Tom Brady, it's pretty easy to start making comparisons between he and the other greats. Let's start with the NBA, shall we? There are many great players who are probably considered the greatest in the sport but only Michael Jordan and LeBron James are at the very top of the debate. In tennis, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer competed for that distinction for a long time but Novak Djokovic is slowly creeping up to both of them in terms of achievements. Baseball has Babe Ruth as the undisputed GOAT. Swimming has Michael Phelps and no other athlete who can eclipse his legacy. Track and field has Usain Bolt, who simply can't be compared to the rest. Hockey also has an all-time great who might never be surpassed, his name is Wayne Gretzky. Boxing has Muhammad Ali as the greatest heavyweight of all-time with Tyson Fury recently challenging for that distinction. Floyd Mayweather Jr. retired with no defeats as a professional in all the weight classes he fought.

Tom Brady's dominance for 22 years easily left him as the greatest in NFL history but athletes from all these other sports might compete for that throne. Where he is definitely better than all those stars is the level of longevity combined with elite-level performance for a prolongued period of time. None of the stars we mentioned went their entire careers without a dip in form. Tom Brady won the Super Bowl when he was already 43 years old, the seventh of his professional career. If we stop to think about it, there are only two athletes who can possibly be compared to Tom Brady and they both play the same sport. Only they can challenge the GOAT for this distinction and they will have a hard time taking it from him.

Messi and Ronaldo are in par with Tom Brady.

That's right, the two footballers who offered us the greatest era in the sport's history are the only ones who can be compared to Tom Brady in terms of longevity and performance at an advanced age. One could also say the same for LeBron James but the Lakers' veteran hasn't won as many championships as the other three have. Both collectively and individually, Brady, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are definitely the top three athletes of all-time. Saying who is the absolute best is not a mess we want to get ourselves into. We leave that to our readers. It Tom Brady the greatest athlete in sports history or who deserves this distinction more than he does?

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