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Will Joe Burrow vs. Patrick Mahomes be the Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady 2.0?

When you see that most NFL pundits have in their top MVP candidates are two quarterbacks who total 82 years of age between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Tom Brady's 44 and the Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers, it's fair to ask, where is the generational turnover in the NFL?

The answer may lie precisely in what was the best duel of last week 17 of the NFL in which the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Kansas City Chiefs 34-31, where the two quarterbacks are only 51 years old with the 25 of Joe Burrow and 26 of Patrick Mahomes.

Two quarterbacks with one year difference in age

If we think that Bengals and Chiefs have already won their respective divisions and that a constant in both organizations is the youth of their core, it is possible to get our hopes up and think that the second and third decade of the third millennium will have a new Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning style rivalry.

Burrow vs. Mahomes could face each other year after year if their teams start to consistently win their divisions and the future looks like they will be the standard bearers that will dominate the NFL.

It is important not to overestimate those expectations because assuming that Mahomes' wonderful start to his career and the great promise of Burrow's undisputed talent are no guarantee of the elite level and winning consistency that Manning exhibited and that Brady still shows.

Factors against

There are a number of factors such as free agency, drop-offs in play, the level of opposition in the respective divisions to have a reasonable doubt that these teams will not dominate at the level that Indianapolis and New England dominated at the time.

However, the candle of hope also exists to think that last Sunday, January 2, we saw the first of dozens of epic battles between Jow Burrow's Cincinnati Bengals and Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City Chiefs.

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