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Texans won't budge on Deshaun Watson's big price

The Houston Texans are set on the price on Deshaun Watson amidst the legal issues the player has been facing recently, making him a hard trade, as the franchise has been looking to trade Watson for three first-round picks ever since his sexual misconduct allegations began.

According to The Athletic's Jeff Howe, the Texans "don't plan to lessen their asking price [for Deshaun Watson], which has been five to seven assets, including three first-round picks."

This probably means the Texans have zero chances of trading Watson, as three first-rounds picks and two additional assets are hardly worth bringing in the QB at that price with legal issues dragging are hardly worth it for any other franchise.

Deshaun Watson legal issues status

Deshaun Watson may be deposed in the coming weeks over nine of the 22 active civil cases filed against him, a court ruled Monday. according to ESPN's John Barr.

Rusty Hardin, who is representing Watson, argued in court that the plea should be delayed as it is unclear whether or not the quarterback will face criminal charges. A decision by the Harris County District Attorney on the status of those charges is possible on April 1, Hardin said.

"While there's a criminal investigation underway, it's fair to wait and see if it results in charges or not before deciding whether to test someone," Hardin said. according to Zack Tawatari of KHOU 11.

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