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Eddie Hall vs Thor Bjornsson: 'The Mountain' wins the Super Heavyweight fight

In an exhibition celebrity Boxing fight that took place in Dubai, Thor 'The Mountain' Bjornsson and Eddie Hall finally had the chance to fight each other in a 6-round bout. Countrary to what people expected, these two professional weight lifters actually got incredibly prepared for this fight. In Eddie Hall's case, he retired from the first fight that was scheduled because he suffered an injury but he vowed to fulfill his word to fight Thor. After much expectation, the fight between these two finally took place and it didn't disappoint. In fact, the shots they took at each other are much harder than any of us even dreamed of. We are talking about two Super Heavyweihts after all.

In Thor Bjornsson's case, his transformation has been far more interesting than Eddie Hall's throughout the last three years. When he started getting ready to become an amateur boxer, the images of a former 'Strongman' champion are those of a man with a clear excess of fat. Thor knew that if he wanted to have a chance to truly succeed as a boxer, he needed to drop a dramatic number of pounds. Knowing he would eventually fight Hall, who is a true rival in the 'Strongman' competition, was all Thor needed to get ready for this fight. In all the previews and interview, it was evident there was bad blood between these two.

Thor wins a controversial fight.

As soon as the fight started, everybody realized that despite they aren't professionals, any punch from these 'monsters' wold be devastating. The controversy came as Eddie Hall properly dropped 'The Mountain' twice before the second round ended. In the third Round, Thor knocked Eddia down with a strong left hook right before the bell. When the fourth round started, Bjornsson seemed to gain a lot of confidence and improved his punches as we experienced the most electrifying round of them all. Both of them seemed quite tired by the fifth round and this is where Thor's boxing fundamentals helped him tremendously. In the final round, both fighters were drained but Bjornsson managed to take Hall doen one more time before the end of the fight. Although Hall seemed better int he first two rounds, he left the ring in anger and unhappy with his loss by unanimous decision.

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