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Queretaro vs. Atlas Liga MX latest updates: At least 26 injured and 3 serious patients, no deaths

Violence and horror took over Mexican soccer. While the authorities of Queretaro officially report 22 people injured and 9 hospitalized (2 seriously), local media claim there are at least 17 dead after a brutal battle in the match between Queretaro and Atlas.

The chaos erupted in the second half, when Gallos supporters reached the sector assigned for visitors from different access gates and began to attack as many people as appeared in their path.

Queretaro coach protects Atlas fans in the local dressing room

Queretaro coach Hernando Cristante opened the doors of the dressing room where his players were changing to protect several Atlas fans who were attacked at the Estadio Corregidora.

According to images circulating on social networks, Cristante and the Queretaro and Atlas players helped the fans to protect themselves from the battle camp.

Should Mexico lose the hosting of the 2026 World Cup?

In 2026, Mexico is scheduled to organize, together with the United States and Canada, the third World Cup in its history, being also the first country to do so, however, several incidents, the last one last Saturday at the Corregidora Stadium in the city of Querétaro, have put into serious question the viability of giving this country the honor of organizing such event.

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Fans ask Mexico not to host the World Cup in 2026

Dozens of fans reacted and asked on social networks for Mexico to have an exemplary punishment after the acts of violence in the match between Queretaro and Atlas.

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which some categorized as 'alien to sport', Twitter users have recalled that because of that fact many organizations left the Russians out of any sporting competition.

For this reason, they are calling for the same measures to be taken against Mexico after the violence at the Corregidora Stadium, where 26 people have been hospitalized.

"We are not going to hide anything," says Queretaro governor

The governor of Queretaro, Mauricio Kuri, offered a message on his Twitter account to reiterate that there are no deaths from the disturbances at the Queretaro-Atlas match, and asked fans to contact authorities if they have verified information.

"We are not going to hide anything. I know that the images from the stadium are disturbing and that names of people who have supposedly passed away have been circulated; but today we confirm that fortunately they are ALIVE and receiving medical attention."

A line of investigation related to organized crime

As Queretaro authorities investigate the incidents that occurred at the Estadio Corregidora, several versions of the brutal attack on Atlas fans have emerged.

According to journalist Oscar Belman, the disturbances at the Liga MX match allegedly involved huachicoleros and members of the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation.

"'El Beto', a violent Gallos fan, allegedly took his group of huachicoleros to the stadium to ambush and attack rivals of the #CJNG, active members of Atlas' Barra 51," he wrote.

Chivas fans pray for the health of Atlas fans

In Guadalajara, Chivas fans continue to come to the Jalisco Stadium to leave candles and pray for the health of the Atlas fans who were brutally beaten in Queretaro.

The rivalry between the two Guadalajara teams has been put aside.

In 2021, a man entered the Azteca Stadium with a gun

In October 2021, Mexico City authorities identified the subject who entered the Azteca Stadium with a firearm and recorded himself threatening to "murder" America fans.

According to reports, Mexico City security elements recognized the man as Diego "R" and he already has a wanted file.

However, so far there are no clues as to his whereabouts.

President of Liga MX on the alleged death of Arturo Buenrostro

The president of Liga MX, Mikel Arriola, said that the case of Arturo Buenrostro "I have it under consideration", but it is not confirmed by official sources.

Arriola explained that the next hours will be crucial to clarify the facts and clarify responsibilities. But he reiterated that there are no confirmed deaths following the brutal fight between Queretaro and Atlas fans.

"We have to assume the official sources as a true and current source. The case of Arturo Buenrostro I have considered, the secretariats have to exchange information on a case-by-case basis. Our task is to confirm with official sources," he said at a press conference.

"My friend is dead," says female Atlas fan

Although the governor of Queretaro, Mauricio Kuri, has said that no deaths have been reported in the pitched battle between Queretaro and Atlas fans, a fan of the Zorros has confirmed the death of her friend Arturo Buenrostro.

On Saturday night, the woman burst into tears outside the Estadio Corregidora and said that her friend was brutally beaten.

"It's already confirmed (the death of) my friend. There are friends who are missing and they still can't find them," she said.

FIFA asks Liga MX for justice and repudiates violence

FIFA said in a statement that it "is shocked" by the tragic incident that occurred at the La Corregidora stadium in the city of Querétaro during the match between Querétaro and Atlas. "The acts of violence in the La Corregidora stadium are unacceptable and intolerable," he added.

In addition, FIFA condemned this incident and encouraged local authorities "to bring swift justice to those individuals responsible."

"Our thoughts are with all who suffered its consequences," he said.

Liga MX prohibits the entry of barra bravas from visiting teams

The president of the Liga MX, Mikel Arriola, said in a press conference that the barra bravas of the visiting teams will no longer be able to attend the Liga MX stadiums.

Arriola called an Extraordinary Assembly of the Liga MX on Tuesday morning, in which he will meet with the directors of the Mexican clubs to determine the next steps to follow.

Sister of one of the Atlas fans attacked denounces abuses by the authorities

Tania Silva, sister of one of the Atlas fans attacked by Queretaro fans, denounced on her Twitter account that the authorities allegedly want to arrest to his brother "for damage to the property".

"As everyone already knows, my brother is in the hospital in Querétaro, as are some of his friends, who are beaten and even so they were taken to the prosecutor's office, they are detained because of "damage to the property" they also want to arrest my brother," she wrote.

Report: Queretaro proposed to renew game on Sunday, Atlas refused

According to a report by FOX Sports' Natalia León, in an act of pure coldness affront this harsh situation, Queretaro directives had proposed to Atlas to renew the game on Sunday as if nothing had happened. Atlas of course refused this proposal.

This of course, minimizes the tragedy that happened at La Corregidora Stadium, as the directives wanted to resume the game without knowing any sanctions that would be implemented for the team. It is expected to know the deliberation as soon as next Wednesday.

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The governor of Queretaro meets with the president of Liga MX

The governor of Queretaro, Mauricio Kuri, reported on his Twitter account that he met with Mikel Arriola, president of Liga BBVA MX, and Gabriel Solares, president of Querétaro, to continue the investigations after the brutal fight between fans of Queretaro and The atlas.

"No one will go unpunished," he said, adding a picture of the meeting.

Could Queretaro be disaffiliated of Liga MX after incident?

The Mexican soccer regulations are clear and focus on several points that the Gallos would have breached after the fight with the Atlas fans, which are based on security issues, repetition of fouls and commitment of local authorities and teams.

A fragment of the regulation says that: "An Affiliate to the FMF (Mexican Football Federation) will lose his affiliation if: b. The team commits a serious offense and / or violates or breaches on more than one occasion any provision of these Regulations, the bylaws, the Directives or the decisions of FIFA, CONCACAF and / or the FMF itself ".

Mikel Arriola also commented that they will not go easy on the sanctions and that, if sufficient evidence is gathered in this legal case against Querétaro, they could disaffiliate the team.

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How was the dangerous rivalry between the two Mexican teams born?

Rivalries in soccer are very passionate. Some of them, however, have gone beyond the sporting barrier to become a wave of violence between people that has led to tragedies.

Queretaro and Atlas are two Liga MX teams with a short but aggressive history of fights that did not stop at chants and messages of support. The rivalry between the two teams has come to blows and caused several people to be seriously injured as a result of this unbridled passion.

If you want to know more about the origins of the rivalry between the two teams, click here

Queretaro fan boy gave his shirt to Atlas fan to protect her from violence

Hours after dozens of aggressions were recorded at the Estadio Corregidora, one of the young women who attended the Atlas vs. Querétaro match said that she was saved from violence thanks to a child.

The Twitter user, Malcriada como Nairobi, assured that, when violence broke out, a boy approached her and offered her his home team jersey so that she would not be attacked.

"Thanks to the boy from Queretaro who gave me his shirt so I could leave the stadium safely, I hope with all my heart that God blesses you very much," she wrote.

To prove this, the Twitter user uploaded a photo with the shirt, which has several autographs from the Gallos players.

Gallos directive and Liga MX lying about incident?

ccording to a report by ESPN's Mauricio Pedroza, directives of Queretaro Gallos and the Liga MX might be withholding information to exhume responsibilities from the incident at the La Corregidora Stadium during last night's game between Queretaro and Atlas.

According to Pedroza, a member of the team's directive that preferred to remain anonymous said that "If deaths are reported in or around the stadium, there is a criminal-civil liability for the team and the league. If they are reported dead, they will say they died in the hospital."

Governor of Jalisco has no report of deaths

The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, shared a message on his social networks to reiterate that he has not received any reports of deaths, but that he is still in contact with the governor of Queretaro, Mauricio Kuri, to find those responsible for the fight between Queretaro and Atlas fans.

Atlas fans pray for those involved in violence

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Atlas fans gathered near the Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara to pray for their relatives who were involved in the violent events in Querétaro. Many people carried candles and photographs of their relatives.

Latest official report from Queretaro state government

The government of Queretaro reported that there are at least. 26 injured (24 men and 2 women) and 3 serious patients (one of them was intubated, but no longer needs life support and is in critical moments) following the brutal fight at the match between Queretaro and Atlas.

Three people have been released from the hospital.

In addition, authorities said that the security company did not comply with the corresponding number of elements for the match, for which they are being investigated as part of those responsible.

A firefighter from the State of Queretaro is among the injured.

"There are no detainees," says Queretaro state government secretary Guadalupe Murguia Gutierrez

Queretaro state government secretary Guadalupe Murguía Gutierrez reported Sunday that so far "there are no detainees," but "all the necessary investigations are being carried out."

"We will be informing in case it requires some kind of sanction," she added. "Investigations are being carried out at the Prosecutor's Office."

Gutierrez said that there are several investigation folders, one of them for "attempted homicide."

Queretaro state authorities are opening an investigation for "attempted homicide"

The governor of the state of Queretaro, Mauricio Kuri, spoke to the media on Sunday to outline the following measures:

  • -We will instruct the corresponding agencies to attend to the injured and their families.
  • -We will permanently inform with full transparency the state of health, treatment and analysis of all those involved.
  • -We ask people to resort to official sources of information to prevent the spread of rumors.
  • -We will remain in contact with the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, to share all the information with him.
  • -Those involved will not set foot in the Corregidora Stadium again.
  • -Several investigation files have been opened. One of them for "attempted homicide".

"The police did not act with the promptness that was needed," he said.

Bus with Atlas fans was attacked when leaving Queretaro

One of the buses that arrived in Guadalajara, Jalisco, early Sunday morning was stoned as it left the city of Queretaro. In the video it can be seen how one of the windows of the unit is smashed.

"The people were sad. Since I've been traveling with the supporters' club, I've never seen this before": Atlas' supporters' club truck driver narrates the return trip from La Corregidora stadium to Guadalajara. He said that three passengers were missing.

Governor of the state of Queretaro will give a message after the events at La Corregidora stadium

The governor of the state of Queretaro, Mauricio Kuri, will hold a press conference in a few minutes to give more details about the brutal fight between fans at the match between Queretaro and Atlas.

Authorities insist that there are no reports of deaths so far.

The crude testimonies of Atlas fans

"When we wanted to escape through the exit gate, we found that in the away zone there were already Queretaro fans, because the police also opened those security gates for them. They cornered us and threw stones. It was probably all premeditated," said an Atlas fan involved in the fight, confirming the death of one of his friends.

"We were forbidden to enter with coins and they had ice picks, knives and even guns. There are videos showing the police opening the gates. A close friend died. I saw many dead. The bodies were inert on the ground and they kept beating them. They even chopped off the head of one of the deceased with an ice pick and then took off his clothes. They took absolutely everything from him even if he was already dead".

Were the police complicit in the brutal Queretaro vs. Atlas brawl?

Images of the brutal fight that took place at the Estadio Corregidora have been reproduced on social networks. Mexican media point out that this happened due to the lack and complicity of the security present.

In different videos it can be seen how the security personnel opened doors to facilitate the fight, were part of the beatings and did not protect the families who were in the conflict zones.

Queretaro fans break the VAR equipment

There were some ultras who did step on the pitch, no police force was reported to prevent a major incident like the one that took place. As the Queretaro ultras got on the pitch, many of them vandalized the VAR equipment that includes a television and the entire setup.

Liga MX officials will need to act agianst all the events that took place in a bloody evening for both Queretaro and Atlas FC fans. The most telling image was a family running away from the brawl and one of the little children not even wearing his Atlas jersey.

Queretaro ultras got so wild that they would even dare hurting a child for wearing the opponent's kit. More deaths will likely be reported as the hours go by with the tragedy still unfolding.

Which sunday games are suspended?

Liga MX finaly announced they are suspending Sunday's games, three of them in total. In the morning, Pumas vs Mazatlan is suspended. Pachuca vs Tigres is not happening and Xolos vs San Luis is also suspended. What we have now is a long week filled with investigations and searching of all the people who participated in this unprecedented tragedy in Mexican soccer.

All of them need to respond to justice. But more importnatly, Liga MX as an institution needs to take the necessary measures in order to erradicate this type of violence that comes from ultras getting free range to do what they want.

This is a very similar situation to what England wen't through during the '80s as Margaret Thatcher stood up against the infamous Hooligans.

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