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Report: PSG is fed up with Neymar, he will be for sale next summer

It's been a rough couple of days for Neymar at PSG, he just needed to come out and deny an alleged scuffle with Gianluigi Donnarumma after losing agianst Real Madrid. But that's the least of his problems according to renowned journalist Romain Molina. He has information about the Qatar emir and how fed up he is with the Brazilian star. It's too many issues that don't translate to how much Neymar cost PSG when he left FC Barcelona back in 2017. Starting with the poor relationship Neymar Sr. has with the club, the player's constant injuries, his many problems out of the pitch. The list just goes on and he doesn't return his monetary worth with results on the pitch. This is the fifth time PSG can't win the UEFA Champions League with Neymar as their biggest star.

Last Wednesday against Real Madrid, both he and Messi weren't able to produce the impact they required and this situation has reached a point of no return. According to this report, the emir is already set on his decision to sell Neymar next summer with no exceptions. The Brazilian star's arrival to PSG can be considered the biggest transfer blunder in the club's history in terms of the prime objective they had by bringing him on board. Since he hasn't delivered, the club's owner is willing to cut him from the team and sell him to the highest bidder while they can still get some of the money spent back in 2017. Although €222 million are impossible to get, they can at least try to sell him for a little under €100 million.

Is Neymar's career close to an end?

Considering the level of expectations around his career since he was a teenager, the majority of analists are convinced Neymar has failed during his time in European football. Sadly, there are many similarities with Ronaldinho. Both were in their prime when they played at FC Barcelona and both deeply disappointed after leaving the Catalan club. Chances are that even ifhe goes to another high profile club in Europe, we will never get to see Neymar's top level from the FC Barcelona era. In his Netflix documentary, he already hinted that retirement might be closer than previously expected. How would you describe Neymar's time at PSG?

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