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And Real Madrid's recital, what style is it?

Real Madrid won half of La Liga at the Sánchez Pizjuán with a memorable comeback based on good play. The white team played the best 45 minutes in a long time. In the midst of the style debate, Los Blancos gave a blow to the table with a total soccer full of intensity, quality and heart. Madrid looked dead at halftime and came out of the stall in Champions mode to deal an almost definitive blow to the championship.

Cuadra Fernandez, who did not give a right. He forgave a red card for two yellow cards to Camavinga and even went against the VAR to disallow a goal by Vinicius for a handball that only he saw. It was a clear handball by the Brazilian, but Cuadra said it was a handball and no one could move him from there. Anyway...

Sevilla, disallowed in the second half, gets into trouble for the Champions League. And the Whites, so happy, with Benzema deciding again and with a stellar Rodrygo.

The referees and the VAR....

The match was controversial because Cuadra Fernández insisted on it. He didn't give a single one and didn't even let himself be helped by the VAR. Terrifying night. At the start of the match, the Whites claimed a penalty for a handball by Diego Carlos at 0-0. A handball like a piano, but the VAR did not enter because the ball came from his shoulder. There have been far fewer clear penalties than this one for the Sevilla center-back, who in the end managed to keep the ball out of the area of influence.

Then Cuadra Fernandez did not send off Camavinga for a tackle from behind on Martial. The Frenchman already had a yellow card and he played it to cut the counterattack. He didn't even call a foul. He then cautioned Martial, who had to leave injured. Another nonsense.

But the most serious mistake came in the second half. Vinicius scored a great goal after lowering the ball with his chest and Cuadra insisted on seeing a handball. He called the VAR, because there was no handball. But Cuadra insisted that there was and not even the images made him change his mind. Incomprehensible.

Militao short-circuits at the Pizjuán

The Brazilian, Real Madrid's best defender this season, had a bad first half against Sevilla. The night started to get complicated for him with the foul that led to the first goal of Lopetegui's team. He was taken off the wall. No one still knows why. Courtois is still wondering and Modric, who reproached him on the pitch, is still not giving credit. Then he was not fine in the 2-0. Tecatito beat him to the position and Militao did not even play well and did not win the duel for speed. A bad start in the office that he then made amends in the second half.

Is La Liga finished?

Madrid's victory at the Pizjuán practically closes LaLiga. The Whites maintain the margin and continue to fall the days. Barça, in the best case scenario, could close next week at nine points. And with this Madrid in steamroller mode and seeing the title on the horizon... it seems complicated for them to escape.

Rodrygo stellar

Mister Champions trained in LaLiga with a great goal. A great goal for the choral play of Real Madrid, who played some excellent soccer at the start of the second half. Carvajal and Vini played a great move on the left with a series of one-twos and the winger's cross was sent into the net by Rodrygo with a center forward's finish. A great goal that makes it clear that Madrid also knows how to play beautiful soccer.

The Brazilian was decisive with his contribution from the bench.

And Benzema never misses

And Karim, who had had two chances in the first 90 minutes, appeared in the 92nd minute to give Madrid half a title with a brilliant strike in the box. Because only he is capable of defining with such calm and quality surrounded by Sevilla defenders. He found the only opening to shoot and beat Bono and did not miss. And that's 39 goals in 39 games. Golden Ball. Without discussion.

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