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Canelo Alvarez vs Kamaru Usman: Twitter exchange teases an imminent fight

Kamaru Usman has been trying to get Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez's attention for quite a while now, he finally got it in a recent Twitter exchange. Alvarez waas responding to a taunt from MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz, who is obviously trying to get Usman his payday with 'Canelo'. But the Mexican pound-for-pound king simply responded by asking who Ali is.

This is what Abdelaziz wrote: "Canelo is an absolute chicken, he is fighting guys with 5000 followers on Instagram, these guys will never do nothing for his legacy. Now I understand why he doesn't wanna lose to someone like Kamaru Usman this is chicken style, no risk - no reward."

Alvarez has constantly been criticized for not fighting people who are on his level, many believe Usman can actually outperform him but the UFC champion doesn't box as well as Alvarez. After 'Canelo' publicly asked who Ali is, Usman tweeted: "Let's just all relax before somebody gets hurt."

Alvarez responded: "I agree because it will not be me." Usman wrote back: "In the cage or in the ring, I'm willing to find out in both. Are you?" That's when 'Canelo' couldn't wait anymore and decided to put Usman's proposal to sleep with the following retort.

You calling me out right ? You want the pay day right? So you know where, but sit down it's not your turn yet. I have a legacy to make.

'Canelo' to Kamaru Usman

Can this fight truly happen?

All the details of when this can possibly happen are all in those tweets, Usman accepted to stop with the call-out on 'Canelo'. Alvarez still has quite a bit to do in his own sport against athletes who are boxing specialists like he is. To give you an example, Floyd Mayweather started doing exhibition fights against non-boxers when he was already retired.

Make no mistake, perhaps Usman can defend himself properly against 'Canelo' inside a ring but he would probably get defeated by the end of the fight. Until Alvarez decides to stop boxing against proper pros, Usman won't get his chance.

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