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Kyrie Irving accuses sports media of racism, Stephen A. Smith publicly shames him

It's not just Kevin Durant who has an all-out war against critics, Kyrie Irving wrote a thread of tweets in which he directly calls out a race component in all the backlash he's been getting for the last 10 months. Specifically the media, who have always been questioning his motives to miss at least a quarter out of each season over the last 7 years.

Granted, Irving has to be one of the most talented ballers we've ever seen but both fans and media alike are frustrated we don't see more of him more often. When the man goes on this Twitter rant to criticize the media, everybody who does this for a living will naturally have a response against one of the most unpreofessional players in recent NBA history. Talent is never enough, there are many more aspects to becoming an all-time great in any sport.

Kyrie Irving's attack on the media.

Here's what Kyrie tweeted: "When I see my name or my brothers/sisters names getting spun through the media, I refer to all my research about who they are. Their job is to CONTROL PUBLIC PERCEPTION, all while profiting off discussing, discrediting, and disrespecting people's lives for entertainment."

"I send shots at the puppet masters, not the puppets," he continued. "All puppets do is run around society, trying to gain popularity and state opinions. What a life! [Shrug emoji.] My name is worth billions to these media corporations. My brothers and sisters who deal with this know exactly what I mean."

Stephen A. Smith can be a polarizing figure when it comes to sports pundits but he's not wrong on this response to Kyrie's attacks: "You can try to paint this issue, Kyrie, as anything you want to," Smith said. "What it comes down to is you don't want to show up to work. You want to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, how you want to do it, while you got your hand out for someone else's money."

"And then when you get called on it, we're the peons. We're the ones who are puppets. So before you excoriated us. Now you're pitying us. Because you want to highlight the puppet masters who you are worth billions to. You're not worth billions, bro. Millions, yes. Billions, no. That's delusional. You gave that up years ago."

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