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Lamar Jackson uses Twitter to show his discontent about Hollywood's trade to the Cardinals

The one of the biggest headlines regarding the trades of the 2022 NFL Draft in the initial round was when Baltimore Ravens sent their star receiver Marquise "Hollywood" Brown to the Arizona Cardinals.

Action that apparently surprised Raven's quarterback Lamar Jackson who is close to Hollywood Brown since Jackson personally chose him to bolster the Raven's offensive and make it work.

The news of Brown leaving Baltimore upset the quarterback and went to social media to show his discontent.

He used Twitter to show his disapproval

Apparently, Marquise Brown desired to be traded and spoke with his teammate and quarterback before anything happened, so it appears that there is no reason for his uneasiness.

Both have been long friends and having a person close to you leaving the team must be upsetting, they both played in the Pop Warner league in South Florida.

They both played together in the youth football league

But one must be real and regardless of any friendship, the common denominator in the NFL is that most players get traded often and sometimes without the players being fully on board.

Added to their past, they were seen they'd arrive and leave the Ravens games together

Having said that, emotions run high in such demanding games as the ones in the NFL, and once a player connects with his teammate they create a personal and professional bond that is difficult to break, however, players do not have the final say in what happens in the trading scenarios and most actions are beyond their control.

Brown had a great season with the Ravens

In the 2021-2022 season, he managed to catch 91 balls, while having 1,008 receiving yards and scoring a total of six touchdown catches throughout the 18 games in the regular season and three games in the preseason.

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