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March Madness 2022: List of UNC basketball alums who'll attend Final Four vs Duke

The historic Final Four matchup between the No. 8 seed North Carolina Tar Heels and No. 2 Duke Blue Devils will bring the basketball alums out in droves on Saturday.

According to a preliminary list acquired by Inside Carolina, the Superdome in New Orleans will be full of UNC basketball alums, including Nassir Little, player of the Portland Trail Blazers. While Michael Jordan might be too busy to make an appearance at his alma mater's game, here's a list of those who will take the time to show support for the Tar Heels.

Antawn Jamison: 1995-98

Tyler Hansbrough: 2005-09

Bobby Frasor: 2005-09

Wes Miller: 2003-07

Buzz Peterson: 1981-85

Marcus Ginyard: 2005-10

Joel Berry II: 2014-18

Pete Chilcutt: 1987-91

Scott Williams: 1986-90

Donald Williams: 1991-95

Jeff McInnis: 1993-96

Derrick Phelps: 1990-94

Shammond Williams: 1994-98

Cameron Johnson: 2017-19

Nassir Little: 2018-19

JR Reid: 1986-89

George Lynch: 1989-93

Al Wood: 1977-81

UNC head coach Hubert Davis turns off the noise

UNC head coach Hubert Davis spoke to the press on Friday as the team was preparing for a "live-action" practice. He explained how he 'turns off the noise' and expressed his confidence in preparing UNC for the Final Four.

"I feel like our guys are in the perfect place because one of the things that I think they have done a great job at is turning off or turning down the noise," Davis said. "And we've talked about it at great length and turning down the noise from the phone -- family, friends and fans -- and focusing on what allows us to be at our best. And I think when you have great kids and great players like Armando and Brady that understand that what is real for us to have success on Saturday is our preparation, is our practice and how hard we play. And so that's something that we needed in the second matchup against Duke.

"We had to block out the noise. We had to focus on what was real for us to be at our best. And my belief is that they have found benefit in that and they have found success in that. And because of that, what draws from them is a confidence to be in this situation and to be able to play the type of basketball that they've been playing all year, specifically the last two, two and a half months."

Coach Davis also shed some light on the mentality of his team, saying they always see an opportunity to get better when they're on the floor. For Davis, there is no added pressure because his team is always ready to play.

"In terms of the emotion, it never turns off. And so I want to play today. But there's enough emotion to play tomorrow," Davis said. "And I've told the guys that there's no difference between game day, Final Four and a shoot-around or pickup in the summer as opposed to a mid-week practice. Every time you step on the floor, it's an opportunity to get better and it's an opportunity to compete. And it's live action.

"And so we don't have to turn it up, turn it down. It's on and the light stays on all the time. And so today's practice is live action and tomorrow we'll be ready to go."

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