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Qatar are fed up with Neymar

Doha has had enough of Neymar, both on and off the pitch with the Paris Saint-Germain forward now drawing the ire of the club's Qatari owners.

Off it, they have grown sick and tired of his glamorous lifestyle, unlike that of many other elite athletes, and on the field, they feel that he continues to produce poor performances.

L'Equipe say that those in Qatar feel that "he prefers Paris to PSG" and the French media reports on Friday reveal the level of fury in Qatar, from PSG shareholders.

They feel that the Brazilian has returned very little of all that has been given to him (in money) since he became the most expensive signing in history. To the 222 million euros that Barcelona pocketed when PSG paid his clause, we must add his salary.

In total, over five seasons, the expenditure amounts to more than 500 million euros, but that's not all those in Doha have had to pay Neymar because he was also guaranteed well-paid sponsorship deals to leave Barcelona.

With links to Qatar National Bank and Qatar Airways, the PSG owners have done everything possible to keep Neymar in Paris, as one of the main attractions and stars for the World Cup to be played there in November and December. However, his performances have frustrated up those who have put up the money all these years.

"The French club's shareholders feel they have been cheated out of their money," say L'Equipe.

After the tie with Real Madrid, the French club is in turmoil and it seems that only Kylian Mbappe enjoys any kind of affection from fans and the attention of the Parisian leaders, who are determined to make a last-ditch attempt to keep him.

At the same time, they are not ruling out any scenario with a Neymar who it looks like they will have to keep paying for another season.

French media claim that it will be almost impossible for Neymar to leave PSG this summer, because the only club with the economic power to cope with a transfer of such magnitude seems to be Newcastle and "it seems unlikely that the working-class city in the north of England is the place the Brazilian dreams of for the end of his European career".

Neymar angry at critics

The whistles heaped on him by his own fans and the criticism have hurt the Brazilian, who has not hesitated to respond. In the last game, against Lorient, he scored a great goal with which he vindicated himself on social networks.

"I was 'drunk', that's why it worked.... as they say out there," he wrote in a story on his personal Instagram account which he accompanied with the video of the goal.

"Neymar hardly trains anymore, he arrives in a lamentable state, on the verge of being drunk," journalist Daniel Riolo said a few days previously on RMC Sport. "Neymar is in a spirit of revenge against PSG, there is a total rupture with the club and the dressing room."

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