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Tyson Fury asks Francis Ngannou if he has a 'big corey' and awkwardness ensues

During his postfight interview following a Round 6 knockout of Dillian Whyte, heavyweight champion Tyson Fury asked Francis Ngannou if he had a 'big corey' and the Cameroonian instantly got awkward.

Fury had hinted at retiring after beating Whyte, largely due to his wife's wishes, but when Ngannou stepped on the ring, the Gypsy King changed his mind. Now, they want to fight each other in a boxing ring with MMA gloves and mixed rules.

Fury explains what a 'big corey' is

While both men were on the ring, Fury started complimenting Ngannou, calling him a good looking. Then, Fury asked Ngannou if he had a 'big corey' and the Cameroonian didn't understand what the Gypsy King was saying.

Fury quickly looked down at his shorts to explain what a 'big corey' is and Ngannou got really awkward. Ngannou didn't give Fury an answer, but what we do know is that the two heavy hitters want to step on the ring together for the biggest fight of the century.

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