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Floyd Mayweather Jr. "lost control" and bought "half" of Dubai ahead of his fight with Don Moore

Floyd Mayweather Jr. plays in a different league, as he proved during his visit to Dubai before his fight with Don Moore. The American fighter spent a fortune during an afternoon of shopping in a mall.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. trained with his grandson as a spectator

Floyd Mayweather's shopping spree in Dubai

When it comes to making money in the ring, Floyd Mayweather stands out above all other boxers in the history of the sport. Nicknamed 'Money', he never misses an opportunity to flaunt his hard-earned wealth. He often shares photos of his cars, jewelry, watches and mansions. This time, the undefeated stalwart made headlines for spending thousands of dollars on a shopping spree at The Dubai Mall.

Flaunting his riches, 'The Best Ever' released a short video clip on social media platforms and wrote: "Light shopping day at Dubai Mall." The video shows a vintage black car filled with shopping bags, showing that Mayweather has found another way to enjoy his time in Dubai.

Mayweather had already spent half a million in New York

After winning the biggest payday of his career in a memorable event against another great boxer Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather traveled to New York City to live up to his nickname. In the Big Apple he spent an estimated $500,000 on jewelry.

Meanwhile, the boxer who earns the most every time he steps into the ring is still training to fight Don Moore, but he wastes no time either, and spends a small part of his fortune in one of the most luxurious shopping malls in the world.

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