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Is LeBron James frugal? Former teammate Kevin Love seems to think so

Kevin Love has just spilled the beans on his good buddy LeBron James. According to Love, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is one of the most frugal people he knows. What makes this story even more astonishing is when you consider how LeBron is literally the highest-paid athlete in sports.

The Cavaliers forward shed some light on his former teammate's stingy ways in a recent interview with Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks. Love and James played together in Cleveland from 2014-2018 and led the club to its first championship in 2016 alongside Kyrie Irving.

LeBron always asks for a WIFI

Apparently, LeBron does not use data on his phone at all. The Lakers superstar doesn't want to pay for this service and would much rather get on Wi-Fi whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself

"Oh, yeah, I've seen that a million times in Toronto," he said, referring to the Cavs' past road games against the Raptors. "They talk about wealth and all that, like, sometimes it's the things you don't see. And for him, it's like, if we're in Toronto, right? That drive from the airport and going through customs to then getting to our hotel, yeah, there's no data used at all. He's waiting for the Wi-Fi all the time."

Love annoyed LeBron

"I can appreciate it, I gotta say it's not like I'm mad at it but I'm like, 'C'mon, Bron, like, seriously? It's Wi-Fi.' Maybe it's good to get away from your phone for a minute but, I don't know, it's just, roaming. I don't know," Love said.

Could Love's comments trigger an attempt by James to set the record straight? Maybe, but NBA Twitter probably shouldn't hold its collective breath. Besides, "being cheap" is probably something the 37-year-old got comfortable with a long time ago. And, apparently, it's doing wonders for his wallet.

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