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Alabama church shooting: The three casualties have already been identified

Last Thursday, a small group's potluck dinner at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Vestavia Hills, Alabama was shot by a 71-year-old man. He shot another three senior citizens who were attending the dinner and was subdued by another person there until the cops arrived at the scene. No more people were harmed but those who got shot did perish, there were initially two people killed and one was critically wounded.

On Friday, the Alabama Police Department confirmed that a third person passed away at the hospital. No identification of the suspect has been released to the public yet. Since there were three people shot dead, this can definitely be considered another mass shooting in the United States of America.

Police has identified the bodies.

According to the local authorities, the man who opened fire shot dead Walter Rainey, 84, and Sarah Yeager, 75. The third victim was an 84-year-old woman whose family asked authorities to keep her identity undisclosed. She perished at a hospital on Friday. Police said that the suspect had attended this same church on occassion and was attending the dinner before opening fire to the rest of the attendees.

Police was called at 18:22 as a person in the event managed to subdue the gunman. This person is considered a hero for what they did. Suspect remains in custody at the Vestavia Hills Police Department.

The charge he is expected to get is capital murder, which will be delivered later on Friday. According to investigators, this man acted completely on his own with no external help to their knowledge. This church massacre came on the eve of the Friday's seventh anniversary of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina.

Both churches and schools remain hot spots where mass shooters choose to kill people for a variety of different deasons. While Democrats and Republicans keep bickering over what is clearly a gun control issue, these shootings keep happening almost on a daily basis.

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