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Durant hits back after social media abuse: Love will get you killed

Kevin Durant has been on the receiving end of abuse from social media users after his former side, the Golden State Warriors, won the NBA championship.

The NBA star won two rings with the Warriors in the past, and while many supporters remember his time fondly, others decided to see things from a negative perspective, claiming that his legacy had ended after the current team's success.

After three successful years from 2016 to 2019, Durant left for the Brooklyn Nets as it seemed that the Warriors' golden days were behind them, something that some fans have not forgotten.

"How does it feel to not be loved by any of the fans of the team you won back to back titles with all because you couldn't help yourself from throwing shade at everyone in the organization whenever the opportunity arose?" wrote one fan to Durant.

Wasting little time in responding, Durant hit back with a cryptic message.

"Love will get you killed," he responded.

Durant was happy about his former team's success, even congratulating them after their recent glory, although he did not take kindly to the abuse he received, and rightly so.

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