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The incredible story of Mexican 'grandfather' Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Telling the story of Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not difficult, since the American boxer's career is full of victories, throughout almost 19 uninterrupted years in the ring.

However, if we delve a little deeper into how he achieved so much success or against whom his best fights were, we find that he has a close relationship with Mexico.

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Mayweather Jr. and Mexico

Within the history that 'Money' Mayweather has with Mexico we find that his professional boxing debut was against a Mexican fighter, in this case, it was Roberto Apodaca, who faced a young Floyd who was just 19 years old, but his passion and boxing skills were already evident.

Apodaca tested the strength of Mayweather, who defeated him by technical knockout in the second round of the fight held in Las Vegas.

Jesus Chavez and Felipe Garcia were his next Latino victims, however, around that time he met a Mexican character who changed his life and became so important that he called him grandfather.

Which Mexican did Mayweather consider family?

Since 2017 it became known how important Rafael Garcia was for Mayweather Jr. and when the Mexican died, 'The Money' dedicated a video where you can see the closeness and affection he had for the man who for a long time bandaged his wrists.

In fact, some time ago, the former American boxer remembered Garcia and named him as part of his family.

"Another legendary character of whom little is said and is resting in peace, Rafael Garcia. He was the grandfather I never had, a legend in the sport of boxing," said Mayweather Jr.

In fact, Floyd's affection for the Mexican was so important that he always did his best to make sure that Rafael Garcia did not miss one of his fights, since he was the one who put the bandages on and inspired confidence in him. Even when he retired, Mayweather Jr. looked for him to return to his team.

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