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Jake Paul calling himself the 'most feared man in boxing' amid canceled fight vs Rahman Jr

Jake Paul seems he's celebrating after his team canceled the fight against Hasim Rahman Jr.

The Youtuber announced on Sunday morning that the events for August 6 at the Madison Square Garden will not go through as planned.

Rahman demanded Paul for 11 hours, as various reports illustrate, to change the fight's weight to 215 lbs.

However, Jake Paul "was left furious" by Rahman's Jr. demands.

After he met with Rahman Jr., Jake Paul posted an Insta story with the caption "The most feared man in boxing."

Why did Paul cancel the fight?

According to Most Valuable Promotions, the fight ended because Hasim Rahman Jr. did not comply with the weigh-in monitoring before the fight.

Most Valuable Promotions announced that Rahman signed an agreement to fight on August 6 at a maximum weight of 200 pounds.

Allegedly, Rahman Jr. lost just 1 lb before the combat.

However, the British fighter denied Jake Paul's inner circle version and mentioned he dropped 19 lbs.

Jake Paul's team didn't release any evidence of the events. He posted and went to his power tool, social media, to announce the cancelation, and say everyone is afraid of him.

"First Tommy Fumbled and now Hasim Rahman Crumbled. These boxers are the most difficult people to work with and continually lack professionalism and confidence to fight me," Paul tweeted.

Meanwhile, Rahman Jr. uploaded two videos explaining that Paul canceled the fight.

He even wanted to charge the minimum to face Jake Paul on the ring.

"I signed a contract to make 200 lbs within the three, the three and a half weeks to do it," Rahman Jr. mentioned.

"But I couldn't do it. My body simply would not let me do it."

"He (Jake Paul) wanted to drain me down and fight a shallow me."

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