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Brady generates "voluntary amnesia" for Raiders owner

This Monday it was expected for the top note story around the NFL to be revolving around Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady, and his return of utmost importance to his team's training camp prior to week 3 of the preseason. However, there is another issue that has drawn more attention from the media: the alleged interest of the Las Vegas Raiders to sign him in 2020.

Mark Davis' "amnesia" test

Tom Brady takes the field as Buccaneers training camp opens

After UFC president Dana White's statements in which he assured that Brady was extremely close to signing with the Raiders in 2020, common sense assumes that the owner of this team, Mark Davis, would be fully aware of this issue, however, apparently the son of the legendary Al Davis is committed to the phrase: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

"I heard about (Dana White's comments)," Davis said in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal . "That was what, (like) two to three years ago or something? I don't know, man. Talk to Dana. I remember that Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay. That's basically what I remember."

Did Tom Brady come close to making it to the Raiders?

In 2020, Brady left the New England Patriots to join the Buccaneers, with whom he would ultimately end up winning Super Bowl LV by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs, however, Davis' response is telling in that instead of denying what White claimed, what he did was, implicitly give him credit, without assuring the certiducity of his words.

Tom Brady: "I'm not a sports machine"

"I have no idea," Davis said. "Dana has the stories. I love Dana. He is a great, great promoter. Why would this make me upset? I was busy watching (the preseason wame in which the Raiders beat the Dolphins 15-13) and the basketball game."

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