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Daniil Medvedev goes crazy as he confronts fan shouting "loser" at him

Daniil Medvedev was eliminated from the Montreal Masters, but his anger over the defeat caused him to lose his cool and face a fan who shouted "loser" at him and now the number one ATP ranking is trending for his bad mood.

"Loser", shouted a young man to the 26-year-old tennis player, who very upset turned around and approached him. "What did you say?", asked the tennis player. The Russian's attitude was of such anger that security personnel immediately approached to calm the athlete and the fan who had no choice but to stay and answer for his shout.

Where did Medvedev's disenchantment end?

After some exchange of words, Medvedev signaled him to think what he says before he speaks, and walked away.

The disagreement followed Medvedev's 6-7, 6-4, 6-2 loss to Australian Nick Kyrgios. It happened in the second round, an instance in which Daniil arrived as the first pre-qualifier. The event occurred last Wednesday, but the images were uploaded to social networks in the last hours and went viral.

What did Medvedev say about the situation?

"I'm super calm," Medvedev said before leaving the place. The Russian had not been able to play at Wimbledon due to the restriction on athletes from Russia and Belarus (due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine), so he had to turn the page and focus on the US Open, the Grand Slam title he won in 2021.

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